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What are the mandatory documents and what are the cost of those 9001 documents

Mandatory documents for ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is the king of ISO standards. It is most popular and most used ISO standard around the world. The cause is flexibility and freedomness of this standard. Any kind and any size of company can adopt this QMS Standard .

It is a particle of light in the dark. There are many big companies around the world who is millionaire even billionaire. But if you go inside of the company you will see massacre condition inside the organization. Mismanagement among the staff, documentation problem, bulling, and customer complain are daily companion for them.

Still their organization is running on verbal instruction. They do not have basic documents to run all the processes nicely. So, although they have strong financial background but employees and stakeholders are not happy in mentally because always there is problem. In this regard ISO 9001 Standard can be a good guidance for them.

If you are a Small or medium size organization then thinking about iso 9001 certification for your organization is a good idea. But are you worry about cost? Some documents and some forms for record keeping can be enough to get your iso 9001 certification.

No problem you have arrived in the right place. Not thousand dollars only several hundred dollars can be enough to get your iso 9001 documentation requirement. Another several hundred dollars may be your certification cost for one year. So only by spending 8 hundred dollars your company can be iso 9001 2015 certified.

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